The Mountain Research Initiative, based in Bern, Switzerland is a non-profit organization that promotes global change research in mountain regions across borders and disciplines through connection and collaboration – with a view to supporting pathways towards sustainable mountain development. 


Support the MRI in repositioning itself as an effective communication and networking hub for mountain region research by:

  • defining a new, striking identity and clear corporate message.
  • helping develop a new pathway to communicate efficiently with its members and the wider public, and its networking platform potential.


Meeting with senior MRI personnel to determine the organisation’s objectives, define the project scope and to collate relevant, existing material. Undertake a detailed audit of the MRI’s brand identity and communication activity. Use the results of this extensive audit to present a refreshed identity and new communication strategy.


The audit led to the delivery of a new corporate identity and the creation of a communication strategy with a long-term vision and fine-tuned for short-term implementation. The strategy encompassed a dedicated social media plan and advice on which tools to develop and when; and it met the requirement of being manageable within the MRI’s existing framework and resources.